It's not later, it's now.

Learn how the mobile device has changed the way we need to reach customers. Industry experts share how the industry is shaping a new way to market and engage your customers, and how those businesses that adopt early will reap the rewards.

The Agenda.

Here And Now

The world keeps changing, and the way we do business is too. In the 60’s plastics changed the products we sell, in the 80’s computers changed how we work. In the 90’s the internet changed how the world communicated, and now, mobile is changing the way we reach our customers.

Traditional Media Strategies

Mobile strategies aren’t just for young scrappy up-and-comers. Learn how big business bet big on mobile implementations of their content – and won. An industry executive gives insight on how traditional media companies see value in embracing new mobile mediums.

The Power Of The Device

An industry expert will discuss the power of the devices and the services available which will provide you with a technological advantage over your competitors.

The Cloud

Cloud SFY shares what cloud computing is and how it can benefit your small to medium sized business.

What Users Want

Meet regular citizens in Kelowna in a quick video showcasing how the average consumer is using their hand-held device, and what they expect from a business embracing a mobile strategy.

Capitalizing On Mobile

You have heard the what, where, when and why – now learn about the how. Speakers from Csek Creative showcase a variety of options and strategies to give you the competitive advantage in the mobile world.


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